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  1. what is the name of the song from the kia soul commecial...?
  2. where can i find the songs in the kia soul commercial?
  3. Kia Soul.. should I buy it or no?
  4. Kia Soul Information??
  5. Looking for a new car....Kia Soul?
  6. Is the KIA Soul a good car?
  7. Kia Soul...Scion xB!!!?
  8. For Performance Which Is Better Kia Soul, or Scion XB?
  9. When is the Kia Soul going to hit showrooms?
  10. How much does the new crossover Kia Soul cost?
  11. Kia soul's loud exhaust.?
  12. how many songs are on the kia soul commercials and what are they called?
  13. Information on the Kia Soul??
  14. Mini Cooper or Kia Soul?
  15. does anyone know the title of the rnb/hip hop like song in the new kia...
  16. Can you give me some thoughts on the kia soul?
  17. When does the Kia Soul Arrive in U.S. dealerships?
  18. hey everyone i saw this really hot car online called the kia soul diva,?
  19. Standards on Kia Soul?
  20. The New Kia Soul Please help me?
  21. kia soul automatic or stick?
  22. Mini cooper or Kia soul?
  23. Shoul I buy a used VW GTI, New Kia Soul or new Kia Koup?
  24. which is better by quality, features & appearance: 2009 toyota corolla vs...
  25. Is The KIA soul a good car?
  26. hyundai genesis coupe or kia soul?
  27. Which is Better? The Kia Sportage or the Kia Soul?
  28. In the nba finals what is the name of the song in the kia motor soul of the
  29. how much will a used 2010 kia soul cost in 2 years?
  30. Kia soul vs mazda3 5door?
  31. NBA Kia Motors Soul of the Game Music?
  32. kia soul vs mazda3 5 door?
  33. Does the Kia Soul have room in the back for a BIKE?
  34. The song in the KIA "SOUL" commercial?
  35. help me choose. kia soul or mazda3 5 door?
  36. My friend has a Kia Soul, and it has a USB port, but for some reason my 16gb
  37. kia soul speaker lights not working in all modes?
  38. What is the song that plays during the kia soul commercials?
  39. Scion XB, Kia Soul or Nissan Cube?
  40. I want to trade in my 06 kia spectra for the 2010 soul?
  41. what are the features in the kia soul?
  42. what is the song in the kia soul commercial that goes front back side to side?
  43. Should i get a Kia soul or Honda fit?
  44. Should we get Chevy Aveo or a Kia Soul? Help! Need info!?
  45. Kia Soul vs Volkswagon Beetle?
  46. What's the name of the song in the Kia Soul commercial?
  47. Kia Soul information?
  48. Is the Kia Soul a good car for a high school student to share with mom?
  49. Does the Kia Soul come in automatic?
  50. My New Kia Soul Car Is A California Lemon?
  51. My New Kia Soul Car Is A California Lemon?
  52. Does anyone know the name of the song thats in the Kia Soul advert?
  53. Is the KIA SOUL reliable?
  54. Nissan Cube VS Kia Soul Overall?
  55. Considering a Kia Soul... any suggestions?
  56. which is a better first car? the mazda3 or kia soul?
  57. what is the tune used by KIA soul before every CSI episode in FIVE USA. 10sec tune?
  58. Kia Soul (Sport, Soul, +, !)?
  59. When will the Kia Soul'ster come out?
  60. What do you Kia Soul owners think?
  61. What do you think about the Kia Soul and its future trade-in value?
  62. 2010 Kia Soul questions...?
  63. What do you think of the KIA Soul?
  64. Where can I buy pulsating lights in speakers like in a Kia Soul?
  65. I have a 2010 Kia Soul ! and I want to know if I can change 18" rims for smaller
  66. Kia Forte or Kia Soul?
  67. Which car should we get?? Kia Soul or Kia Forte?
  68. Name of song from Soul Kia commercial?
  69. Kia Soul.... Good first car?
  70. Does the KIA Soul Exclaim have a USB/AUX port? If not can you add it?
  71. i want to buy the kia soul is it a good ideal or not?
  72. Nissan Cube or Kia Soul?
  73. Xion xb Toyota yaris or Kia soul..... which would u prefer and why?
  74. Is Kia going to bring out the Soulster (convertible version of Soul)?
  75. How much would you pay for the Kia Soul?
  76. How much does it cost to fix a dent on the arch of the wheel in a kia soul?
  77. When does the kia soul'ster come out? It's so cool!?
  78. I want to get a new car was thinking Kia Soul?
  79. Do you think Kia should make an AWD version of the soul?
  80. Should I get a Kia Soul or Toyota Prius (College student)?
  81. Does anyone have any experiences with the Kia Soul?
  82. How much should I pay for a Kia Soul?
  83. Should I get the Kia Soul?
  84. Do You Like Your Kia Soul?
  85. What car should I buy and Why? The Scion xD "Base" or the Kia Soul "Base"?
  86. How can I bookmark audiobooks on my iPhone for use in my Kia Soul?
  87. Why is a Scion xD base model better then a Kia Soul base model?
  88. What's the name of the song in the NEW kia soul commercial with the lyrics "I feel...
  89. Is it worth to buy a 2010 Kia Soul with a Salvage Title?
  90. What is the song in the Kia Soul commercial where the hamsters are driving the car?
  91. what are some cute hatchback cars like a kia soul,sicon xb &xa ?
  92. IN NEED OF DESPERATE HELP!!!How many bags of chips fit in the interior
  93. Nissan Cube or Kia Soul?
  94. which of the 3 is good to buy -- suzuki zaikashi, kia soul, smart fortwo pure?
  95. Kia Soul owners? Need some help please!?
  96. Kia Soul or Mitsubishi Outlander?
  97. whats that song on the kia soul commercial?
  98. Can I purchase 2010 Kia Soul speakers for my 2010 Mustang?
  99. what do you think of the kia soul?
  100. would it be hard to get a kia soul?
  101. I am looking into buying a new car. Kia Soul or Ford Focus?
  102. What's the song in the newest Kia Soul commercial..?
  103. the song from the kia soul commercial with the hamsters driving the soul?
  104. Is the kia soul illegal in north carolina?
  105. Is a Kia soul a good first car?
  106. why is my kia soul using so much gas so fast?
  107. Which is overall best; Kia soul / Scion xB / Nissan cube?
  108. what is the song in the kia soul commercial?
  109. How much does it cost to fill up an kia soul?
  110. What is the song to the new kia soul commercial that just shows footage of the car...
  111. Kia soul's stock radio and installing subwoofers?
  112. Kia Soul vs. Honda Fit.?
  113. is the kia soul a good car or is scion xb good?
  114. How do I install a Scosche LOC-80 line out converter into my kia soul?
  115. Why does the Kia Soul commercials have hamsters?
  116. what is the song in the new kia soul commercial?
  117. whats the yellow exclamation mark in my kia soul?
  118. Can anyone give me the words to the kia soul commercial?
  119. Which car has more cargo space, Scion XB or Kia Soul?
  120. what song is on the new Kia Soul commercial?
  121. when did the kia soul first come out?
  122. Which is better: Toyota Corolla S or the Kia Soul?
  123. How is the new Kia Soul?
  124. what is the song on the new kia soul commerical?...?
  125. What song is on this Kia Soul commercial?
  126. Song on Kia Soul Commercial?
  127. Whats the song from New KIA Soul Commercial? NOT THE HAMSTER ONE.?
  128. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kia Soul?
  129. what song is the Kia Soul commercial?
  130. Aren't you sick of seeing the Hyundai and Kia Soul commercials?
  131. Should I buy a 2010 Kia Soul?
  132. I want a kia soul "!" model with the sunroof?
  133. KIA Soul drivers....question..?
  134. Whats the name and artist of that song on the Kia Soul commercial?
  135. whats the song for the kia soul commercial where the hamsters are rapping?
  136. What is the techno song used in the kia soul commercial?
  137. Anyone know the song from this Kia Soul commercial?
  138. who has drives a kia soul?
  139. Question about the KIA Soul?
  140. hamsters kia soul song!!!!?
  141. Kia Soul License Plate?
  142. Kia Soul! or Honda fit?Which one?
  143. How do I open the gas door to my Kia Soul?
  144. what is the song the hamsters are singing on the new commercial for the soul kia car?
  145. Whats the song playing in the "Take a ride with the Kia Soul commercial, the one...
  146. The Kia Soul: Better than a toaster?
  147. Does That Kia Soul Commercial With The Hamsters Freak Anyone Else Out?
  148. Can you buy the kia soul speakers seperately?
  149. What should I name my Kia Soul?
  150. is the kia soul a good car?
  151. Itouch won't work with Kia Soul?
  152. In the latest Kia Soul commercial (the one with the green one?) WHAT THE
  153. Does Kia Soul 2011 have an armrest?
  154. What cars are made fun of in the Kia Soul hamster commerical this or that?
  155. Why is the Kia Soul being advertised with hamsters, is that what the car is
  156. What is the end to the kia soul commercial with "You can get with this or you...
  157. Is the Kia Soul, Nissan Cube a good car for a first Driver?
  158. Mazda 2 or Kia Soul???????
  159. song from Kia Soul Hamster Commercial?
  160. Who has a Kia Soul, and what can you tell me about it?
  161. Would you buy your 16 year old daughter a Kia Soul as her first car?
  162. Kia Soul windshield wiper fluid container?
  163. Is The KIA Soul A Cool First Car $13,000 Or Not?
  164. Kia Soul vs. Honda Fit Owners?
  165. Should I go with the Mazda3 Sport or the Kia Soul?
  166. Kia Forte Koup or Kia Soul Ghost Edition?
  167. How to use the Cruise Control setting on a Kia Soul?
  168. Is this the new Kia Soul slogan?
  169. Kia Soul question, 10 pts!!!?
  170. which car is better the nissan cube or the kia soul?
  171. Which car should I go with kia soul ! or honda fit?
  172. Should I get a Honda Interceptor instead of a Kia soul?
  173. VW beetle or KIA soul?
  174. Where can you buy the red jacket from the Kia Soul commercial that says...
  175. Chevy Cobalt, Kia Soul, Or Honda Civic (probably the 06 or 07)?
  176. If you own a 2010 "KIA SOUL" car would you please answer some of these questions?
  177. I just recently bought a Kia Soul--Good Deal?
  178. What font is used by Kia on the Soul?
  179. is it worth it to trade in a 2010 kia soul for a 2009 sentra se-r?
  180. Kia Soul. Has anyone owned one for year and let me know how they hold up.?
  181. KIA Soul 2010 Java color,How to know whether it is Soul+,Soul!,or just Soul?
  182. Hey, I want to know abit about the KIA SOUL ?
  183. Kia Soul, good car or no?
  184. kia soul commercial with pro nails by kid sister?
  185. Kia soul commercial with pro nails by kid sister?
  186. New Family vehicle: Kia Soul?
  187. Kia Soul Commercial with Hamsters--What's the song?
  188. What should I name my White Kia Soul?
  189. What is the song played in the Kia Soul commercial with hamsters?
  190. how did they make the Kia Soul hamster Commercials?
  191. My first Car? Kia Soul...?
  192. Can I replace the stock sub in my Kia Soul with a JL audio 8w7?
  193. Where was the Kia Soul ad featuring Michelle Wie shot?
  194. How much is a down payment on a Kia Soul?
  195. What is the name of the song from the kia soul commercial with the chinese girl?
  196. Does the front passenger seat in the 2011 Kia Soul fold down or slide
  197. What do you think of the Kia Soul as a first car?
  198. Are the kia soul hamsters making fun of the scion xb in the commercial?
  199. A question for Kia Soul owners?
  200. Color suggestion for Kia Soul?
  201. song on kia soul 2011 commercial?
  202. what is that song called in the kia soul commercial with michelle wie?
  203. I Can't Decide On Which Car To Buy. Im 19 years old. Im stuck Between A Kia
  204. I'm planning on buying a KIA Soul and I've read so many reviews that I...
  205. I was wondering if I should trade in my 2010 Mini Cooper for a 2011 Kia Soul.?
  206. what has been added to the kia soul my11?
  207. What do you think of the new Kia Souls?
  208. Which on it better a Kia Soul or Kia Sportage?
  209. Kia Soul vs Chevy Cruze?
  210. how much would a used kia soul car cost?
  211. Anyone with the kia soul?
  212. I'm thinking of getting a Kia Soul?
  213. What should I do with my Kia Soul?
  214. Is there a Kia soul rc car?
  215. Is the kia soul a good car?
  216. Lease or Purchase 2011 Kia Soul !?
  217. Clever license plate idea for KIA SOUL?
  218. what is the song featured in the Kia Soul Commercial tht has the hamsters?
  219. Kia Soul License Plate Idea?
  220. 2011 Kia Soul vs Nissan Cube?
  221. Nissan Cube vs Kia Soul?
  222. How do I disconnect the battery in a 2010 Kia Soul?
  223. how many miles per gallon does a 2011 kia soul get highway driving ?
  224. Charging iPhone with the USB slot on my Kia Soul?
  225. Do the Kia Soul's headlights come on automatically?
  226. California Meet!!! Come Represent!!!
  227. Where can I get a kia Soul replacement washer resevior?
  228. 2010 Kia Soul headlights?
  229. Is a used Kia Soul with 24000 miles on it worth $13,000?
  230. How can one speaker be louder than the other speaker in a KIA soul?
  231. Kia Soul Sport or Kia Forte Koup?
  232. Where can you download the Kia Soul commerical music?
  233. Prices on the Base Model Kia Soul?
  234. Nissan Cube or Kia Soul ?
  235. Anyone know if the kia Soul'ster will make production by 2012?
  236. Should I get a Toyota Yaris, or a base Kia Soul?
  237. How well does a Kia Soul perform in the snow?
  238. Do you view the Kia Soul as a guy or girl car?
  239. What song plays in the Kia soul commercial?
  240. 2011 Kia Soul or 2011 Hyundai Elantra?
  241. Honda CR-Z vs. Kia Soul?
  242. Kia Soul Sport Temperature gauge question?
  243. Is a Kia soul a good car?
  244. Dose Kia Soul Have An Antenna?
  245. Which is a better car... Nissan Cube, Scion xB, or Kia Soul?
  246. 2011 Kia soul or 2011 Ford Fiesta?
  247. Scratches On 18 Inch Black Rims - Your Comments Needed
  248. do you love your Kia Soul?
  249. So I just got the Kia Soul, why does everyone hate kia's?
  250. Any feedback on Kia's 2011 Soul?